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Times Imprint

Sandrine Abessera & Sachi Moskowitz

December 15, 2023 - February, 2024

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Maison Lune is pleased to introduce a new program featuring studio presentations, showcasing recently created artwork in a setting that reimagines and transforms the conventional gallery space. By offering a more intimate environment, Maison Lune aims to redefine the gallery experience. Through a thoughtful and private interaction with art and aesthetics, Maison Lune provides collectors with the ability to discover works from various artists and designers in an intimately personal environment. 

For the first studio presentation, Sandrine and Sachi share a love for iconography and history. This unique presentation demonstrates their ability to infuse new meaning into historical narratives and highlights the profound impact of time and memory on humanity. 

Sandrine and Sachi are inspired in part by nostalgia and how memories shape our past and present. For Sachi that can be places that were important in her life, like Humboldt County’s Eel River where she spent a lot of time, or Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles where she grew up, driving up and down windy highway 27 going to Santa Monica beach – in referencing these personal moments Sachi is conscious of honoring her past. Sandrine Rose Abessera grew up in Paris and moved to Los Angeles where she has been marking art for the last fifteen years. Her practice has evolved into multi-disciplinary work and delves into memories and images that have been deconstructed and rephotographed. Sandrine builds layer upon layer, meshed with her constructions in terms of shape, color, form and materials that she incorporates in the work including color, paint, and found materials.  By layering in various media, combining different textures and disciplines, Abessera weaves intricate narratives that explore the complex interplay of memories and images, the past melding  into the present. 


Please reach out to us at e (at) for any proposals that you wish to make.

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