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Wes Aderhold

23 May - 28 August 2023

This new body of works by Wes Aderhold focuses on duality and what it means to be an imperfect human. 
This presentation draws emphasis on both physical and psychological dissonance in the human experience- truth versus illusion. The works demonstrate a win and yang of surrealism and familiarity, ambivalence and boastfulness, cohesion and chaos. 

The paintings are both purposefully crisp yet unfinished; pieces of raw canvas can be seen throughout the body highlighting themes of purity and imperfection.  Humanity holds shape against distortion and fragmentation. 

In a society where we often find ourselves isolated, Aderhold exposes his own experiences of imperfection in an effort to offer connections to others, challenging the view to examine their own ideas of self-perception and identity. 

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