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Jasmine Little, Sandrine Abessera, and Ireland Wisdom

April 20th - May 16th 2023


This exhibition, centered around the myth of Persephone, is a tribute to the potency of femininity, celebration of feminine power, and self-rule. This presentation, a statement by curators Arushi Kapoor and Danny Sierra Dominguez, highlights the importance of visibility and representation of woman artists in an industry traditionally dominated by men. The Greek myth narrates Persephone's abduction by Hades into the underworld. Persephone ultimately seizes command of her destiny and assumes the role of the underworld queen. Persephone's journey signifies a descent into the somber aspects of life such as darkness, winter, and mortality, while her emergence back to the surface represents the rebirth, growth and rejuvenation of Spring.The works in this exhibition exhibition emphasize the importance of agency and self-determination for the feminine. This show includes works by Jasmine Little, Sandrine Abessera, and Ireland Wisdom. By interpreting the crux of an age-old myth, this exhibition reminds us of the power in autonomy and self=preservation in a society that subverts female authority. 

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