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Maison Lune is a contemporary art gallery whose avant-garde format rethinks and decodes the genre of a traditional gallery space. Through a thoughtful and private interaction with art and aesthetics, Maison Lune provides collectors with the ability to discover works from various artists and designers in an intimately personal environment.

Maison Lune collaborates with and represents established as well as emerging contemporary talents. The gallery’s selection of art focuses largely on a diversity of mediums and techniques including painting, sculpture, photography, furnishings and décor.


Envisioned as an hôtel particulier in the Venice Canal’s Historic District in Los Angeles, Maison Lune invites you on an artistic and sensorial journey within the walls of a private collector’s home. At its essence, Maison Lune is a multidisciplinary and integrated exhibition space that showcases an immersive experience through spatial continuity of art and design and an intersection in interiors and décor.

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Sandrine Abessera

Sandrine Abessera is a French born artist and designer, whose approach to art is imbued with the spirit of her travels, love for textures and craft, and influenced by the 1970s-era urban youth subcultures of punk and hip-hop, zines and the street landscape. Mixing DIY, punk graphics and graffiti style, Abessera adheres to the code that art is about aesthetic impact as much as it is about the intent and ideas.

As a graduate of Paris’s École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode, or ESMOD, Abessera was introduced to the art world through fashion design, working for renowned labels. With over 20 years of experience in fashion and art, Abessera has emerged as an artist in her own right. Blending a wide range of mediums — including photography, poetry, mixed media, and superimposed abstract patterns Abessera’s work is displayed in galleries and collections worldwide.


Lubov Azria

Lubov Azria is a renowned, critically acclaimed fashion designer who embodies vision and style. A fashion icon and humanitarian, Azria is unfettered by convention. As a true artisan, Azria designs without limitation or categorization. Driven by passion and innovation with a refined sensibility, Azria approaches art and design with a point of view that is informed by her own life and style.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Azria first tasted success as a dancer in the youth division of the renowned Bolshoi Ballet. After relocating to the United States with her family in her early teens, Azria’s focus shifted from dance to the fine arts. A love of design and a natural talent for illustration led her to pursue a degree at FIDM. She joined BCBGMAXAZRIA Group in 1991. Under her influence, the BCBGMAXAZRIA brand has evolved from an emerging contemporary line to one of America’s leading design houses. In 1998, BCBGMAXAZRIA Group acquired the esteemed Hervé Léger fashion house, marking the first time in history that a French couturier had been absorbed by an American designer. With over 30 years of industry knowledge, Lubov Azria has always had a single-minded passion for innovation and art.

Today, Abessera and Azria work out of their gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

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